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My wife Dee is a total knockout. Five-foot-nine with legs that won’t stop. She has a perfectly toned body that weighs 130 pounds on a “heavy” day. She got a boob job in college before I met her, but they are perfectly round 36-inch c-cups. Her cropped blonde hair outlines a super cute face. She loves to have sex in any of her three holes.

But while this is all great, she is also very much a passively sexual person. She rarely, if ever, takes the lead in sex. Even though she has had a boob job, she dresses very conservatively always worried she is showing off too much. Over the course of the two years of our marriage, I have tried to get her to loosen up, but she always has rebuffed my attempts telling me that sex is for the privacy of the people involved.

I know this sounds odd for a lady that has had a boob job, but apparently she was a very small a-cup. One of her friends told me that I had a bigger chest than she did and that she was even more shy then than she is now. She got the implants after her sophomore year at college and her self-esteem improved, but she remained very shy about her body.

That is, until recently. I have a job that takes me out-of-town every Wednesday and Thursday. A few months ago, Dee blew my world apart, for the good, when she met me at the door in a sheer baby doll, g-string and platform heels. She had my pants down and cock in her mouth before I could even set my bags down. She had never done anything like this before. That entire night, she took the lead and we fucked for hours on end that night. I was so turned on by her aggressiveness that I was able to “perform” five times.

I began to notice that she was more horny than usual, and she began to meet me after my trips in various fantasy outfits. After a few weeks, my curiosity began to get the best of me. Why was she all of a sudden acting like this? Of course, I immediately began to suspect an affair, but also realized that an affair probably wouldn’t increase the amount of sex I was getting.

I tried to check our computer history, but my wife was smart enough on the computer to erase anything that would be happening on there, which she had already done. I thought about trying to rig our computer video camera to spy on the bedroom, but that would be impossible to hide. Anyway, my business laptop wouldn’t be able to network into the camera from a remote position, halfway across the country. I racked my brain for an idea before my next trip.

Finally, I decided to install a “parent control” spy program that would send me the addresses of sites she would go to and access to any usernames and passwords she used. I installed the program the night before I left for San Diego.

The next day I left and attended to my usual business at my company’s other site. However, my mind was on what Dee might be up to. I got back to my room that evening and logged onto my email to see what had happened, but I quickly found out that she had not been on the computer all day.

I thought about going out to dinner, but I wanted to be ready for any internet traffic that would be reported to me so I ordered room service and waited. What was she up to? I couldn’t think of anything that could explain her sudden change in behavior. An affair was possible, but didn’t make sense either.

For what seemed like 10 hours, I stared at my email box, waiting for something, anything. Finally, about 8:00 an email popped up on my screen. She was going to a website. I quickly jotted it down and went to it. It was a voyeur porn site. Porn, I thought. That is what got her all riled up? Again, it didn’t make sense. We had watched porn before, even strolled around the internet for it. She liked it, but it never made her aggressive in bed before.

I was trying to follow her steps, but the site blocked me from going any further, since she had already logged on. I decided to create my own account and try to follow her at the site, just to see what she was up to on the site. Since I knew her username, I used the site’s member search.

Her name popped up with “Live Now!” next to her user name. I clicked her user name and just about fell out of my chair when I got to the next screen. My wife was sitting in our computer chair, on our webcam, looking at the screen and typing something. The catch to this was that she was wearing a pink see-through bra with her nipples looking like diamond cutters, a very skimpy pink panty and pink thigh high stockings with platform heels.

I glanced at the username screen and noticed she was entertaining about 25 guys who were telling her how much they loved her tits, her body and what they would do to her if they were given the opportunity, and my wife was encouraging them. She was telling them over the speakers how much she would love to have their cocks in her mouth, pussy and/or ass.

Hearing her voice teasing these guys made my cock instantly hard. After a little back and forth between her and the now 35 people watching, Dee announced it was now time for the show.

She got up off the chair and walked toward a radio. As she did, her perfect round ass was on display, since the pink g-string did little to cover anything. She bent over to turn on the radio and gave everyone watching another great view.

For the next ten minutes, my wife gave everyone watching, now the number was up to 75, one of the greatest strip tease shows ever. First her bra came off and then her panties. All the while, she was dancing around as seductively as any stripper I had ever seen. I had to keep reminding myself that I was watching my wife and not a professional. Either way, my pants were off and I was slowly stroking myself.

Once she had stripped down, she sat back onto the couch and began to caress her body with her left hand, while her right hand began to massage her perfectly manicured pussy, which I had always asked for her to keep up for me. Not only was my wife giving these people, now 100, a strip show, but now she was going to masturbate for them. I could hardly believe it. Only a few weeks ago, I could not get my wife to wear a skimpy bikini to an office pool party. Now, she was performing one of the most private things someone does for anyone who was logged on and watching.

Surprising me further, after a few minutes of manually pleasuring herself, Dee pulled out a long slender vibrator and began to fuck herself with it. She was moaning very loudly and talking to the camera for those watching as she began to feel her first orgasm rock her body.

Once she had recovered from her first orgasm, she moved the vibrator to her ass and began to work it into her asshole. While she did this, Dee told everyone how much she loves it in the ass and that being fucked in the ass brings her to orgasm just as fast as being fucked in her pussy.

Not only did she say that, but she then went about proving it for her audience and it wasn’t long before her body began to rock violently as another orgasm shook through her.

Once she had recovered from her second orgasm, she sat back up. She began to remove her heels and stockings. Once she finished, Dee slid on a pair of tight and short workout shorts before she returned to the chair to resume chatting with her “fans.” She adjusted the camera so that it zoomed in on her face and exposed chest, but not much else.

As she started chatting, I got up from my chair and had to go the bathroom to relieve the mounting pressure in my balls. When I returned, I found that she was flirting and teasing with those who had remained in the voyeur room, about 15 guys.

I decided to get involved at this point and began to type her questions. I first told her how hot she was, of course she had no idea it was her husband typing it, and if she had ever thought about having a show of her fucking a guy, which I had always fantasized about watching Dee fuck another cock.

She responded that she didn’t know if her husband would want to perform on camera, and that he didn’t know that she was even doing this.

I smiled as I typed that I wasn’t talking about watching her fuck her husband. While she tried to side-step my last question, the plan worked as the other guys began to press her for her next show to be her getting fucked, preferably by one of them.

Slowly, we began to wear her down about this and she finally admitted how much fun it would be to do a show with someone else. She even admitted that she knew a guy that she had always wanted to fuck and that was into voyeurism. When the other guys pressed her as to if she was going to do it next week, she simply told them they would have to tune in next week to see.

On that note, she stood up, pulled her shorts aside and gave everyone one final flash of her pussy. After that, she signed out.

My mind began to race. I had to get her to go through with it, but I couldn’t let on that I knew about her secret. My cock was hard again with anticipation. As a relieved myself into the toilet again, I knew this upcoming week would be one a long one that had to end next Wednesday with her getting fucked by another man for the whole world to see.

Over the course of the next week, the sex was amazing with my wife. She was eager and wet all the time, and the thought of watching her perform last Wednesday and possibly fucking some guy the next time had me hard most of the time.

I was careful not to make any mention of anything that I knew about her voyeurism and waited to see if she was going to bring anything up with me. However, nothing was said about anything even remotely connected to last week’s or this week’s action.

I began to wonder if she would go through with fucking another guy. I also wondered what she would think about knowing that it was actually her husband that had suggested and encouraged anonymously during one of her “shows.”

As I kissed her good-bye on Wednesday to head out-of-town, my mind raced with possibilities as to what I would see tonight when I turned on my computer at 7:00. Again, Dee said nothing, nor did she make any actions that would lead me to guess what she had up her sleeve for tonight. She also had no clue that I had discovered her little secret.

I made sure I was back in the hotel room by 6:30. I hooked my laptop into the hotel’s high-speed line, logged in to the voyeur cam site, and waited for my wife’s “room” to go online.

At exactly 7, her site went online. I was ready. I was naked as I sat in front of the screen. My cock was already hard, which it had tried to be most of the day. I had just taken a shower and shaved my balls and the area around them. I tried to keep from stroking myself, because I did not want to blow a load before or actually during her show. However, this was beginning to prove itself to be a tough task.

Her site came online, however, she was not there yet. She had created a slide show of still photos of herself in a blue and green v-neck tank-type top, jean skirt and sandal heels. It was a new outfit. Within a few slides Dee, she was standing and showed that the jean skirt stopped a full four-, or five, inches above her knee and had a slit in the front that stopped just below where her pelvis began.

Two slides later, she was pulling her top up and exposing her purple, floral satin bra, which I recognized as part of the bra and thong set I had bought her last Valentine’s Day. Six slides later, she was in nothing but that bra, thong and heels.

I could no longer keep from stroking my throbbing cock as the slide show continued to show my wife stripping until she was naked and on all fours on the floor, exposing her pussy. The slide show ended with a few snapshots on her on her back, naked and spread out on our living room floor.

She had obviously had these pictures taken today after I had left, because I noticed a magazine on the coffee table that was there this morning.

After the final picture, a note flashed on the screen that she would be live in a few minutes and the slide show restarted. About halfway through the second time through, I felt pressure build in my balls. Not being able to stop, I grabbed a few Kleenexes off the Desk and blew a load into them. I had hoped to be able to stay hard for the entire night, but I now figured I would have no trouble getting hard again when Dee came online, especially if she was going to be fucking someone.

After I cleaned up, I set my computer to record everything that came through the internet connection. I was not going to miss anything and I knew I would want to watch again if my wife went through with fucking another guy.

The slide show went through again two times before it stopped and the screenshot went live. Dee was sitting in a chair in the same outfit from the slide show.

“Hello everyone,” she started with a big smile on her face. “Thank you for coming back again this week. I see I have an audience of about 150 people right now. Well, you guys are in for a big surprise. At the end of the show last week, several of you told me that you wanted to see me get fucked and by someone other than my husband. All week I didn’t if I could do that since I have always been faithful to him, but every time that I thought about having a new cock in my pussy, I got so fucking horny.

“So,” she continued. “I thought, why the fuck not. Once I decided to do it, I knew who I wanted. There’s this kid down at the gym named Jarrod. He and I have been flirting for awhile when we’ve both been at the gym at the same time. He’s 20-years-old, about six-foot-one with a ripped body that any girl would lust over.”

I knew this kid from the gym. I had noticed that he and Dee always talked to each other and noticed that both of them would look at each other’s body when the other was not looking. In fact, I had often wondered what it would be like to see the two of them fuck.

“So, yesterday I mustered the nerve to ask if he wanted to fuck me tonight on camera,” she continued with her little speech. “He agreed as soon as I asked him. He’s upstairs right now waiting for me. He brought over his laptop and I’ve set up a digital video camera to transmit the show from the bedroom. Well, I’ll be back online in just a second.”

The screen went blank, however, my cock was not. It was growing again as I waited to watch my wife fuck this young Adonis. About a minute later, the screen came back on. My wife was sitting naked next to the young man who was completely naked also.

“I’d like to introduce everyone to Jarrod, isn’t he just gorgeous,” she asked, running her hands over his well-defined chest and 8-pack abdomens. “I just found out, he also is pretty well hung. He’s almost hard and already about seven-and-a-half inches. Stand up Jarrod and let everyone see.”

He stood up and showed everyone that he was packing plenty downstairs. My wife grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it.

“And look, he shaved it clean for me tonight,” she said, surprising me with her enthusiasm for a completely shaved cock. “Shit, this is going to feel good in me. But before we get started, I need to find out where Jarrod should deposit his load when he’s ready to cum. I sprayed his cock with some delay spray so that he’ll last quite awhile and build up a huge load to blow, but where?”

The responses from those watching Dee came instantly. Face, tits, pussy, face again were the answers. After about 30 seconds the face answers seemed to be an overwhelming majority and many of them suggested that when she addresses the camera after getting fucked that she keep the cum on her face.

Jarrod has returned to sitting on the bed as my wife got up to check the responses on the other computer somewhere in the room.

“Well, it seems you all want to see him cum on my face,” Dee said, returning to the bed next to Jarrod. “Jarrod, is that okay with you?”

The young man nodded. He nodded again after Dee asked if he was ready.

I could tell both were a little nervous as they moved into one another to kiss. There lips met awkwardly as Jarrod nervously put his left hand on my wife’s arm and her right hand fell to his knee. After a few awkward pecks, their tongues began to become active and started to dance with the other tongue. Now, they were passed the nerves and just acting on passion.

Jarrod’s hand moved down from her shoulder and rested on her stomach, while Dee’s hand found a resting in place on his inner thigh. I could not tell who took the lead, because the camera was stationary and about ten-feet away, but one of them pushed the other back as they came to rest lying down next to each other.

It became apparent soon enough that Jarrod was taking the lead. He had swung his left leg over Dee’s right leg and was forcefully kissing her while his left hand was caressing her tits, stomach, hips. This might have been my wife’s show, but the submissive in her allowed this young Adonis to have his way with her completely.

Dee’s body shook when his hand made its first contact with her groin. His hand lingered there, apparently massaging the lips of her pussy, while he broke the kiss and began to pay attention to her tits. I heard my wife moan as he pleasured her.

After a few minutes of this, Jarrod rolled to his back and pulled my wife over onto him in the process. Her hand immediately went to his cock and her mouth to his chest. Not content with the chest kissing he was getting, I noticed his left hand gently push my wife’s head down his stomach and to his cock, while his other hand gently caressed her perfect ass.

Dee put up no resistance and began to plant little kisses on his cock before she began to bob up-and-down on it. The camera angle did not give viewers a very good picture of this, but the movements of my wife’s head left little to the imagination as to what was happening. However, the camera did give a good view of Jarrod working his middle finger into my wife’s pussy.

As it realized to me that I was watching my wife blow another man without my permission, I felt an enormous surge of desire in my cock. I was not jealous in the least. In fact, the opposite was occurring. I found myself more attracted to my wife and wishing I was there working the camera for them. It was all I could do to keep from jerking off too rapidly. I did not want to miss anything.

Before long, Jarrod pulled my wife’s ass to him and positioned her over him into a 69-position. Once this positioned was achieved, the camera gave a great view of my wife sucking his cock. She was alternating between deep-throating him and jerking him off with the saliva she left on his cock. I could not tell what he was doing, but Dee seemed to love it as her hips were rotating up-and-down to whatever he was doing to her.

Again, the fact the camera was stationary denied me the opportunity to see what Jarrod was doing to her pussy and I would have loved to see a close-up of Dee going to town on his cock.

Moreover, she was really giving it a work over, because I had never seen her, of course I had never seen with another man, suck a dick with such enthusiasm. The delay cream was either working or this kid had amazing control, because her mouth and hands were working with amazing speed and coordination.

After this had gone on for about five minutes, Jarrod took the lead and moved Dee off of him. He rearranged her onto all fours and toward the headboard, at an angle slightly away from the camera. He positioned himself behind her and worked his cock into her waiting pussy.

“Oh, my god, yes,” I heard my wife yell out. “Wow…shit…you’re cock feel so good in my pussy….fuck me….now….hard”

I could not believe my ears as I listened to my shy, conservative wife tell this young man, and the entire internet audience that now numbered 280, how much she loved having his cock fuck her pussy.

In a matter of a minute, Jarrod was now thrusting himself into my wife as hard and fast as he could possibly move his hips back and forth. His hands were on her hips and pulling her back into him as he thrust forward. If only someone was operating the camera, a close-up would have been enough to send me over the edge again.

I do not if they had planned the next move or not, but Jarrod reached and grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her upper body up, so that her hands could not reach the bed, which gave a better angle to thrust deeper into her pussy. This was a move I knew my wife loved, because I had been able to bring her to many orgasms by doing this very thing to her.

“Oooohhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhh,” my wife moaned loudly as Jarrod took complete control over her body. “You’re gonna make me cum. Yeeeaaaahhhh, make me cum…..make me cum hard…fffuuuuuuck……yeeeeaaaaahhhhh….here I cum…”

Her voice trailed off as her body began to convulse when the orgasm began to shake through her. Her head shook violently and my wife louder than I had ever heard her scream during sex before screamed the words “Oh my god”.

Once the orgasm shook through her, her body went limp. When he let go of her shoulders, her body just fell onto the bed like a potato sack. When Jarrod withdrew from her, there did not seem to be an ounce of life in her body.

However, Jarrod was not yet done. He was still going strong and eager to finish the job he needed to do. He rolled my wife’s limp body onto its backside, spread her legs and entered her in the missionary position.

As if the rest of the events I had been watching on my computer had not excited me, this was the best thing I had ever scene in my life. I have no idea why, but when I watch porn, my favorite thing to watch are people fucking in the missionary position. Now I watched my wife on my computer screen being fucked by this young stud in the missionary position.

This time there was slow working into process, Jarrod starting hammering away at my wife’s pussy immediately and it took about a minute for Dee to begin to respond to him again.

She had her legs spread wide and alternated between holding them as far back as possible and wrapping them around his waist. Either way, he just kept fucking as fast as he could. When he lowered himself down to kiss her, I knew that Dee would be experiencing another orgasm very soon. She could not handle fucking and kissing at the same time without having an orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum again,” she said rather loudly as she broke the kiss. This time she did not really say much, but the convulsions of her body and the fact she tightly wrapped her legs around Jarrod’s waist to control his thrusts told me that she was having another orgasm.

Her second orgasm must have been enough to push Jarrod over the edge. He withdrew from her, straddled her chest and began to stroke his cock rapidly. Since the camera was angled away from the action, no one could see him cum on her face, but the way his hips shuttered and the groan from his mouth indicated he was dropping his load on her face. It was obvious he was shooting two or three large spurts onto her by the movements and sounds.

After he had dropped his load on her, Jarrod rolled off the bed and walked off the camera. A few seconds later, the screen went black with a message scrolled across it. It read, “Dee will be back shortly.”

After about 2 minutes, my wife was back on the screen, obviously back in the office where our computer his located. The camera was focused her upper body and face, which had cum splattered across the forehead, cheeks and chin. It was a sight I will never forget and would never want to forget, a close-up picture of my wife with another man’s juices all over it. The only thing that could have made it better is if I had been there to add my own cum to it.

“Holy shit, I look like a mess,” Dee said as I noticed that her hair was clumped in two spots where Jarrod had overshot her face.

The people still watching, which numbered now around 85, immediately started writing how hot she looked with the cum on her face and how much they would have liked to be the one to do it to her.

“You guys are always so nice,” she replied. “So what did you all think about watching Jarrod fuck me.”

The replies all seemed very complimentary and various comments about what they would like to do to her, which made me proud in a perverse way.

I decided to bring myself up and asked her if Jarrod fucked her better than her husband did. Immediately after I typed the question, I wondered how I would react to her answer, if she answered it.

“How does Jarrod compare to my husband,” Dee replied. “Well it was different than with my husband. Jarrod’s cock was longer than my husband’s but not quite as wide. And my husband has never been able to bring to two such intense orgasms like this young stud did tonight. He fucked me like I’ve never been fucked before.”

I was surprised at my reaction. I was not at all upset or jealous about hearing my wife tell everyone watching how much better Jarrod was at fucking her than I was.

My only thoughts centered on how hot it was to watch my wife in action and how much I wanted to share this experience with her, which meant I would probably be able to find some other women to fuck as well.

I decided to try to bring up the idea that someone needed to be operating the camera as a ploy that might lead me to being in the room as she was fucked. The others still online agreed with me that her shows would be hotter if she could get someone else to show different angles and close-ups as she got fucked.

“Hmmmmm….” my wife replied, pondering the idea. “Have one guy film it while another guy fucks me…It would definitely lead to better angles…Hey, then when the first guy cums, then he could start to film as the camera guy then fucks me also. Would you guys like to see two guys taking turns fucking me and filming it?”

Immediately the replies were affirmative to her question. Many of the replied contained an offer that they would be more than happy to help her out with the camera issue.

“Well then, it’s settled. Next week I’ll find someone to film the action from all over the room as Jarrod fucks me. That is if Jarrod wants to fuck me next week…Oh look, he’s shaking his head up-and-down. He is so fucking cute. I can’t wait until next week. I’ll work on getting the second guy, but I want you all to try to get as many people watching next Wednesday. I want the largest audience yet.

“Shit, the thought of hundreds people watching me fuck two different guys back-to-back is already making my pussy wet. So you guys have some homework and I have some homework. So, until next week, have lots of sex and stay really horny. I will. Good night.”

She blew a kiss to the screen and then logged off, leaving the screen blank. Next Wednesday she was going to be fucking Jarrod with another man operating the camera. Would she ask me? Holy shit, I hoped so, but how would she bring it up to me? She had already “cheated” on me, even though I new it, but she did not. I held out hope that she would ask. Who knows what the next week holds?

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