Wife and the Poolboys

It is a hot summer morning; Lisa’s husband Larry has left for work. Her kids are spending some quality summer time with other relatives on the other side of town. Lisa spends her day relaxing in the quiet house for some much needed personal time. At about noon Lisa go out to her luxurious pool and decide to take a dip. Noticing that the pool needs cleaning, Lisa goes back inside to call the pool cleaners. They let her know that it will take about 2 or 3 hours for them to arrive due to scheduling.

Lisa goes back to her bedroom, not thinking about the day or her pending visitors and put on the skimpiest bikini she owns, one that barely covers her luscious MILF nipples. After she put on her bikini, she glances at the mirror and notices her areolas are not covered very well. Lisa do not think to much about it as she know that no neighbors can see her for some distance away, and she want a tan with as little tan lines as possible. Lisa stops by the kitchen on her way to the pool and grabs a pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator to take to the pool.

Once there she adjusts her lounger to get the best angle of the son. Finally she lies down, and put her sunglasses on and begins to rub oil all over her body. After about an hour, two young men approach enter her back yard. She are not paying any attention as the music she are listening to in her MP3 has she enjoying her life to the fullest.

Lisa is startled by one of the young men who gently nudge her arm. Quickly she look up at them and notice that she do not recognize them. She grabs her towel to cover herself. “Ma’am we are here to clean the pool,” Timmy says with a bright smile. Timmy is 19 years old, about 6′ 1″ 185 lbs with light brown hair & clean shaven face. He is also muscular & has a little tiny patch of chest hair on his well defined chest. He introduces himself and his partner Johnny. Johnny is 18 and stands about 5′ 10″ 180 lbs with dark hair & a close shaven goatee. Lisa notices that Johnny has well defined abs & clean shaven chest. With a feeling slightly embarrassed by her choice of clothing, she welcomes them and directs them to the pool. She notices as they turn away from her toward the pool, she glance at their hard toned asses as the walk away.

After about a half hour, she notice the boys are getting hot and sweaty from the sun and the heat, Lisa go into the kitchen to get them some glasses with ice for some tea that she want to offer them. Lisa wrap the towel around her waist as she walk away, but before she get to the door, the towel falls off her body and Timmy spots her glorious ass that has nothing but a thong that is barely visible between her ass cheeks. Her desires begin to take over and she no longer cares what she is wearing as these boys see her.

Once Lisa gets the glasses, she walk back to her lounger where her pitcher of tea is, she bend over and without noticing, and her left tit falls out of its top. As she finishes pouring the tea, Lisa stands up and walk toward the boys with the glasses and hand each one a cool glass of refreshment. The boys are speechless as they stare directly at her naked tit. After a moment, she notices what they are staring at and shyly try to cover herself back up. She notices that the boys’ faces are just a little redder then her own. But what surprise her even more are the rather large erections in the shorts of the two young men standing in front of her.

Coyly she looks at them and says, “Do you boys see something you like?”

Both try really hard to say yes, but all they can do is shaking their heads up and down. Lisa slowly reaches forward to get a feel of their rigid cocks. These boys have never seen and older woman naked, nor have they ever had a woman become aggressive toward them sexually. As she grab their packages, she notice shallow moans escape from their mouths. Both boys find it hard to keep their glasses in their hands, and she led them over to her lounger to give them a better view of what they really want. Lisa begins to slowly slide out of her bikini top, exposing both of her smooth and silky globes of love.

Lisa looks them in the eyes and tells them to give them a kiss. As they reach forward, then each grab an ass check to pull their mouths closer to her tits. As they suck her nipples into their mouths, she let out a moan of passion. Their mouths begin to suck harder on her nipples causing them to get larger and more aroused. With their hands on her ass, they begin to tug on her thong to get her completely naked. Lisa reaches down and start rubbing harder on their cocks. She notices the drawstrings on their shorts, and she gives them a quick pull and loosely the fall to the ground. Lisa look down to see their cocks, she notice that Timmy has a cock that is about 7 ½” long with a thickness of about 2 ¼” with a slight curve upwards. Johnny is straighter and slightly shorter at about 6 ¾” but just slightly thicker at about 3″.

Slowly she begins stroking up and down on their cocks as their mouths continue working her tits, paying extra special attention on her nipples. Timmy begins to lie her down on the lounger and places himself between her legs, looking bewildered at her slightly wet pussy with the little tiny patch of hair just above her clit. Johnny positions himself at the head of her lounger and begins kissing her neck. Timmy lowers his head closer to her pussy and begins to lick it ever so long and gently. Johnny continues kissing her neck and takes his hands and starts massaging her tits and pinches her nipples with a slight painful pressure. The pinching does not bring her pain, but sends shivers through her body and down to her pussy as Timmy slides his tongue up and down her pussy.

After a few minutes, the boy’s trade places and she begin to feel Johnny’s goatee brush against her pussy. Timmy takes his rigid cock and points it at her mouth and begs for her to start sucking it. Without hesitation, she takes his cock into her mouth and she notice the sweet taste of precum seeping from his tip. Hungrily suck hard on his cock wanting more of his sweet taste. Lisa also notice that Johnny seems to be more experienced at eating pussy then Timmy is. Johnny likes to concentrate more on her clit, and slide a finger inside her moist wet pussy. Slowly he sucks her clit into his mouth and gently he swirls his tongue around her clit in a counter clock wise direction. Lisa swirl her tongue ever so gently around the head of Timmy’s cock and take the tip into her mouth and grasp it with her hand and give his tip a good hard suck in her mouth.

The pressure of her sucking makes his body quiver and shake. Timmy tries to ram his cock into her mouth, but her hand holds him back from going in any further. With a few more strokes on his cock from her mouth and hand, Timmy’s body begins to shake harder.

Lisa notices that he is about to cum, she pull his cock from his mouth and she begin to stroke his cock over her tits. With a fast hard pace, her jerk his cock as he shoots a lot of sperm all over her tits. Timmy’s cum practically covers her entire areola on her left tit and a puddle is built up in her cleavage between her tits. Timmy backs off from Lisa and she takes her left hand and begins smearing his cum all over her body. With the feel of his cum, and Johnny’s faster pace of her clit, she begins to start having an orgasm of her own. Johnny notices her pussy is getting wetter and begins to suck harder on her clit. He then begins to thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy faster and harder. Her body begins to shutter and she reaches between her legs and grabs Johnny’s head and pulls him closer to her pussy. Lisa thrust her pelvis upwards toward his mouth as she scream in ecstasy.

When she finally come down from her momentary high, Johnny slides up her body and begins kissing her passionately on her lips. Timmy watched her reaction to Johnny’s pussy eating skills and never lost his hard on. He slips down between her legs and positions his cock at her pussy. With ease Timmy thrusts his cock deep into her pussy while Johnny is still kissing her. Lisa break her kissing and let out a quiet sounding scream as Timmy begins fucking her pussy. Hungrily she wants to feel a passion that she have never experienced and demand Johnny to feed her his cock. The curve of Timmy’s cock begins to rub her pussy like it has never been rubbed before. The thickness of Johnny’s cock makes it a little harder for her to take him deep into her mouth, but she try with all her might to feel that filling of being double stuffed by two luscious and hard young cocks. The boys begin to get a rhythm going as both slides in and out of both her luscious and wet holes.

Not noticing the time, Larry walks in the front door of the house, home from work. He walks into the kitchen and looks out the window to see his beautiful bride of 18 years getting tag-teamed by 2 young studs. Mesmerized by the site, he begins to stared, falling deeper in love with his wife then he has ever imagined. Without skipping a beat, Larry pulls his cock out of his slacks and begins stroking it gently at the site he is witnessing.

Meanwhile, the boys change positions and place her on all fours. Timmy gets back in front of her and Johnny slides his fatter cock into her dripping pussy. With Timmy’s cock covered in her own juices, her suck his sweet tasting cock deep into her mouth as she savor the taste of her juices and his own sweet taste combined. The thick cock of Johnny spreads her pussy wider making her feel fuller then ever before. Her pussy gets wetter with each thrust from Johnny. Timmy begins to fuck her mouth with almost the same rhythm as Johnny is on her pussy. Larry is getting hard that he begins to stroke his cock even faster then he has ever before.

Within minuets and after Lisa have at least three screaming climaxes; both Johnny and Timmy begin to shudder. Johnny thrust harder, deeper, and faster into her pussy and as his pounding becomes harder, his balls slapping her clit, he begins to explode his load deep into her pussy. Timmy begins to get close as well. Timmy noticed that Johnny had filled her pussy with his cum that he wanted to explode inside of her as well. Quickly she spins around and help Timmy slide his cock into her pussy.

After 2 minuets of fucking her pussy, she feels a sensation that has never been felt before. The upward curve of Timmy’s cock begins to shoot sperm upwards rather then forwards. The feeling sends her body into a quiver of unbelievable proportions. Larry noticing the action has ended and puts his still rigid cock back into his pants.

After about a few minuets, the boys get dressed and grab their gear. “Ma’am, we apologize for not finishing her pool, but we have a schedule we need to keep. We will gladly come back on our own time to finish up if that is ok with you?” Johnny says. With Lisa still sitting on her own cloud of ecstasy, she gladly agrees with the boys and sends them on their way.

Lisa had no time to get dressed as the boys shut the gate behind them; Larry walks out of the house. Startled, she begins to try to think of a lie as to why she is naked. “Baby, I saw what happened,” he says, and without hesitation he pulls his hard cock out for her to suck on. As she sucks on his cock, Larry begins undressing the rest of himself. Once he is completely naked, he stands her up, spins her around, and bends her over.

Excited by seeing his naughty wife in action, he slides his cock into her cum filled pussy. Larry’s cock begins pushing cum out of her pussy and send is streaming down her legs covering his cock and balls. The slapping action of his cum covered balls slapping against Lisa’s clit brings her to a tremendous orgasm that she has never felt before with her husband. After about a few moments of fucking his wife, combined with the feel of his wife’s cum filled pussy and the site he just saw, Larry fills her pussy with a load that hasn’t been felt in years.