My Wifes Friends Come To Town

Last week my wife Susan had her twenty-sixth birthday party, and to celebrate we decided to throw a huge party for her. She invited a bunch of her friends from college whom she hadn’t seen in a while, and whom I had never met. I was kind of unsure about whether that was a good idea, but because Susan had never been to a reunion since she graduated, she said she really missed her friends, and after some pouting she convinced me to go along.

The reason I was a bit hesitant was because Susan had been a bit of a party girl back in college. At least that’s what I heard from various people, and from her when she had drunk a bit too much. She admitted that she ran with a “crazy” crowd, and had “hooked up” with almost all the guys in it. I didn’t know what she meant by “hooking up,” but I decided not to ask.

Susan herself is a beautiful girl, with shoulder-length brunette hair and a great smile. She’s average height, with slim legs leading up to a tight, curvy bottom. Her breasts are a small C cup, full and round, and they sit high on her chest. I’m very proud of my wife’s body, and usually I encourage her to show it off. During our trips to the beach, I always encourage her to take off her top at night and walk with me on the shore, and I always get a thrill watching the random guy pass by and gawk. She always acts embarrassed, but I think she enjoys it, too.

On the night of the party, she was dressed in a low cut tank top with a short, swishy skirt. She was very excited to see her old friends again. We went out to dinner beforehand, and at dinner she drank a full bottle of wine. She always gets horny when she drinks, and tonight was no exception. On the ride back home, she couldn’t keep her hands off me. I was driving, and I wanted to be safe, so I brushed her off.

“Honey,” she said, “I may have some fun tonight, so don’t get upset, alright?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, a bit suspicious.

“I’ve known these guys for a long time, and we’ve all been through stuff together, so things are more loose and playful with them,” she said.

“Okay…” I said, not sure I how to respond.

“Just promise me you won’t get jealous if some horseplay goes on. Besides, you always like it when I show off, right?” she asked.

“Well, alright. Just, you know, don’t get crazy,” I said.

“Oh, you know I love you,” she said, and leaned over the seat and kissed me on the cheek.

The rest of the way she was talking about other stuff, but my mind was stuck on the party. I did like it when she showed off, but doing it in front of a bunch of people she knew was different. Still, though, as nervous as I was, I was also a bit turned on. What kind of horseplay did she have in mind?

I didn’t have much time to think about it. The second we got home, the doorbell rang. Luckily we had set up for the party beforehand, so we were prepared. Susan bounded to the door, her skirt flipping up and down. I noticed then that underneath the skirt she was wearing a sexy pair of black lace panties.

The door opened and in walked a gorgeous girl, about Susan’s height, but blonde and just a bit taller, wearing a button-down blouse and a tight pair of jeans. The second she saw Susan she squealed and the two jumped into each other’s arms. Susan turned and said, “Honey, this is Margaret! We were roommates all during college!”

I shook hands and said hi to Margaret, thinking that if Susan wanted to horseplay with her, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Over the course of the next hour, more and more people came, around thirty in all, about evenly split between guys and girls. Most of them were attractive, which was great when the door opened and a girl was there, but not so much when a guy was there. Susan greeted them all with squeals and big friendly hugs. A bit were too friendly back. One guy squeezed her tush when she hugged him. She squealed again and smacked his shoulder. She then turned to me and said, “Honey, this is Richard! Richard, this is my husband, John!”

“How ya doing?” Richard said with a big smile as he reached over to shake my hand. He didn’t seem at all embarrassed that I obviously saw him just goose my wife, and in fact he sounded like it was no different from him hugging her. I was a bit stunned at this, but recovered quickly enough to shake his hand back and smile. If it wasn’t a big deal to him, I thought, I guess I shouldn’t care too much about it.

After a while, the party was in full swing. I kept sneaking back to the kitchen to get drinks and to hang out by myself, since I didn’t know anybody there. I flirted a bit with Margaret and some other of Susan’s friends, but just kind of kept to myself otherwise.

Occasionally I noticed some of the guys goosing Susan, and one of the guys, Tim, even grabbed one of her breasts and gave a good squeeze. I was too far away to hear what caused it, but Susan and the other girls they were talking to just laughed, and then she grabbed his package.

Stuff like that happened here and there, making me both jealous and horny. I’ve never seen guys openly flirting and groping my wife before, and I was amazed by how turned on I was. I felt like I should walk up and say something, maybe put my arm around her to remind everyone she was my wife, but to my surprise I didn’t.

After a couple of hours, everyone had been drinking quite a bit, and people were getting very touchy-feely. During one of my talks with Susan’s friends, I learned that almost all the guys and girls in the group had fucked each other at least once, including Susan. I had never heard about this before, and I was a bit shocked to learn that Susan had done it with so many of these guys. It definitely explained how comfortable and playful everyone felt with each other.

I walked to the kitchen and walked back out, just in time to hear someone shout, “Strip rules!” Everyone laughed and applauded, but no one did anything. I was confused, but one of the guys on the way to the kitchen told me that, sometimes during parties in college, the group would have “strip rules,” where a certain rule would be called out, and anyone who broke it would have to take off an article of clothing. Apparently a minute ago someone had said how bad it was that so many people use the word “like” a lot, and from there it quickly snowballed until not saying “like” was one of the rules.

No sooner had the guy explained the situation than a cheer came up from the living room. I looked over, and one of Susan’s friends, Emily, was stomping the floor in mock frustration. People started chanting “Take it off! Take it off!” even the other girls. Emily slipped out of her shoes, to a mix of clapping and groans.

A minute later I heard another cheer, and this time when I turned I saw Susan in the center of the circle. She was giggling and putting her head in her hands, then slipped out of her shoes as well.

Over the next half hour, more and more people started stripping. I guess it was pretty difficult not to say “like” in this day and age, but some people said it pretty conspicuously, as if they wanted to strip.

Emily said it again, and she pulled off her shirt to reveal a purple lace bra. A couple of guys ended up shirtless, including Richard, who sported a sculpted body. Susan stared at him for a second after he stripped, which I didn’t like seeing. I liked it even less when she herself said “like” almost immediately afterwards, and while everyone was staring at her she reached up under her shirt and unhooked her bra. She slipped out of it without taking off her top, and tossed it at Richard, laughing. He took it and pretended to make out with it, then threw it aside.

Now that Susan had no bra on, I could see how turned on she was. Her nipples were pushing through her top, and it wasn’t even a very tight top. Every time she took a step, her tits bounced, and as she walked around the room she caught a lot of the guys’ attention.

A bit later, several of the girls were left in their bras; one of them, Melissa, was left in just her bra and panties. Most of the guys were shirtless, and two or three were in their boxers. I was still fully clothed, since I didn’t talk at all, and it was a good thing. I had a raging hard-on as I watched all these guys staring at my beautiful wife and her bouncing tits, imagining what they looked like underneath her shirt.

But it turned out that some of the guys weren’t just content with imagining. While I was looking at Melissa in her underwear, out of the corner of my eye I saw Tim creep up behind Susan. She was standing in front of a large group, telling a story, and she didn’t notice him at all. He came up right behind her, and suddenly grabbed her top on the sides and pulled it all the way up to her neck. Her full breasts and puffy nipples jumped into view, lightly bouncing, and the crowd cheered. Susan playfully screamed and pulled her shirt down, smacking John’s hands away, then went back to telling her story.

I was jealous but incredibly turned on. The whole room had just seen my wife’s tits, and she didn’t even seem to care. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there, staring at everyone. Tim walked off and gave a high-five to some other guy, then went over and flirted with Margaret.

After a couple of minutes, Susan walked up to me. She was clearly drunk, very bright and giddy. “Oh, honey, you aren’t jealous, are you?” she said. “It’s nothing they all haven’t seen before. We always do stuff like that.”

“It’s okay, it turns me on,” I said, actually unsure if I was lying or not. “Go have fun.”

Her smile got wider and she kissed me deeply. “I love you!” she whispered, and bounced away to join her friends.

Taking Susan’s lead, more people started flashing. One of the guys in boxers mooned the crowd, and Emily pulled her bra up in response. Her tits were bigger than Susan’s, and she had some difficulty putting them back in her bra as she laughed. Tim pulled up another girl’s top, but she was wearing a bra, and she immediately turned around and pulled Tim’s pants down. Time laughed and stepped out of them, and started walking around in boxers.

I went to the kitchen to grab another beer, but when I walked in I saw two people making out. They were both in their underwear, although I didn’t know whether they were that way because of the stripping game or whether had just started stripping then. I grabbed a beer and walked out, without them noticing.

I walked back into the living room in time to see Susan laughing at Richard. He was making humping motions, and everyone could clearly see his dick bouncing under his boxers. Suddenly he pulled his boxer shorts down, showing a huge thick cock. Susan involuntarily gasped, and then burst out into giggles again. I winced a bit. I was hoping not to see any naked guys, and the fact that Richard was much, much bigger than I was certainly didn’t make me any less jealous.

After a few minutes, someone changed the music from big band to modern R&B. A couple of girls started dancing in the middle of the living room, and some guys started joining them, but most people cleared out and talked in the corner.

I walked back into the dining room and hung out there for a few minutes, trying to get Richard’s dick and Susan’s reaction to it out of my head.

When I came back into the living room, someone had turned the lights down low and a few more people were dancing. Some guys and girls had paired off and were grinding to the slow music. Others were just swaying by themselves. I saw Susan and Margaret excitedly whispering to each other in the corner. They broke off, Margaret heading to the middle of the dance floor and Susan heading over to me.

Susan leaned in real close and whispered in my ear. “Honey, you want me to show off for you, right? It turns you on, right?”

“Yeah – yeah,” I stammered out. “If you want, I mean. Yeah. Go ahead.”

It wasn’t very enthusiastic, but it was enough for her. She kissed me hard on the cheek, and walked out onto the dance floor with Margaret.

The two started dancing and seductively swaying their hips to the music. As she was dancing, Margaret slowly started unbuttoning her blouse, and people started whooping and cheering. She pulled apart the buttons, revealing a nice pair of tits encased in a black bra.

To my astonishment, Susan started pulling up her shirt as well. Again her breasts bounced into view, and as she pulled her shirt up over her head they stood up proud and tall. The room cheered even louder, and Susan tossed her shirt away.

My wife looked absolutely gorgeous. Her breasts softly jiggled with her slow movements, and her bright pink nipples were rock hard. All I could do was stare at her, knowing all the guys were getting an eyeful of her tight stomach and bouncing tits. I was incredibly aroused, and it was obvious, but of course no one was paying any attention to my pants.

The slow song stopped and turned into a faster song, and Susan and Margaret started dancing faster. Guys started joining in, and soon my wife was sandwiched between two guys, grinding on both. The guy in front of her was fully clothed, but the guy behind her was in his boxers. I could tell he was grinding his dick into her ass, and my wife was grinding back. She was still smiling, but the look on her face was more erotic than playful. The guy in front of her pulled off his shirt and started rubbing his bare chest against her naked tits, and the guy behind her was rubbing his hands up and down her legs underneath her skirt.

Things were getting pretty heavy now, but I couldn’t even move. I’d been so complacent the whole night I thought I’d look ridiculous trying to stop it now. Instead, I turned away to look at Margaret, half-hoping that when I looked back at Susan the guys would be gone. Margaret was dancing up against Tim, who was grinding her ass while he massaged her breasts through her bra. Margaret looked much more like she was just playing around, even with a guy feeling her up, and it made me feel less like my wife was cheating on me.

When I looked back at Susan, the guy behind her was still there, but the guy in front of her was dancing with someone else. I was a bit relieved, but the guy behind her now had his hands all over my wife’s tits, pulling and pinching her puffy nipples. My wife’s eyes were closed, and I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying what he was doing or just feeling the music. The guy suddenly moved his hands back down to her legs and moved them up her skirt. My wife gasped and then giggled, but did nothing to stop him.

A second later his hands moved back down, and I saw that he was sliding her panties down. He slid them down to her knees and then gave a quick yank, and they ripped right off. The guy gave an excited whoop and threw the panties off in a corner while my wife just laughed.

The guys who saw clapped and cheered. Susan turned to them and laughed and wagged a scolding finder at them, then flipped up her skirt just high enough to show a glimpse of her pussy to all the guys. The cheers got even louder, and Susan went back to the floor and started dancing with some girls.

I was having trouble breathing, and there was a huge lump in my chest. My wife was only wearing a skirt and had just shown off her pussy to a bunch of guys, and this was after some guy had just spent five minutes feeling her up. I looked over at Margaret, hoping maybe she was just as naked, and that would make it better, but Margaret was still in her bra and jeans. She had stopped dancing entirely and was chatting with a couple of guys with rock hard erections clearly visible underneath their boxers.

I looked back at Susan. She was still dancing with girls, but she was clearly putting on a show for the guys watching. The song was moderately fast, and she was taking full advantage of it, dancing fast and hard. Her breasts were bouncing and jiggling, and her skirt was flailing up and down. A couple of times it flew up high enough to get a perfect view of her pussy. She had a neatly trimmed light brown bush, which contrasted wonderfully with her pale skin.

All the guys were looking at her, even the ones who were talking to someone else. As sexy as the other girls were, my wife was the only one topless, and she was putting on a sexy show that outmatched anything the other girls had done. Those in front of her were getting great views of her bush, and those behind her were getting great view of her heart-shaped ass.

Susan looked like she was doing it on purpose, shaking her hips just enough to cause her skirt to go up and down a bit and then quickly shaking hard enough to carry the skirt all the way up. She was obviously enjoying all the attention – I could see her pussy glistening with her wetness.

The song ended and the CD was done. While one of the girls started changing the CD, Susan walked up to me. Before I could say anything, she pushed up against me and kissed me hard on the mouth. I could feel her tits against my shirt and my hard-on against her stomach.

“You’re so wonderful,” she said. “I’m so glad you’re not mad at us having some fun.”

I wanted to say that I was getting a bit mad, and it looked like she was the only one really having fun – no one else was even topless! But she sounded so happy when she said it that I went quiet and just nodded.

“Did you see those guys feeling up my boobs? I was hoping you’d notice. I can see that it turns you on,” she said sexily, grabbing my dick. I almost came right in my pants.

Grinning seductively, she turned around and went back to the party. She started dancing again, flipping up her skirt and showing off her pussy.

I walked over to the dining room to collect my thoughts. I was incredibly aroused, but incredibly angry. My wife had just shown off everything for a bunch of guys I didn’t even know, and I couldn’t even get the courage to say something about it. I was somewhat ashamed that I was so turned on, too. I spent about half an hour in the dining room and walked back to the party, hoping that things had cooled down.

The first thing I saw was Margaret dancing again. Her bra had been pulled up to her neck, probably by one of the guys, and she hadn’t bothered fixing it or even taking it off. Her tits looked amazing, a bit bigger than Susan’s but with smaller nipples. She was dancing with a guy who was only in his boxers, and it looked like he was slowly working her jeans off.

Dreading it, I looked over at Susan. She was standing over a bunch of guys who were sitting down on chairs. Richard was sitting in my arm chair, and even from across the room I could see the tent in his boxers.

Susan was talking, but most of the guys were staring at her breasts, which jiggled every time she made a gesture or shifted her legs. Richard was talking back, laughing as he did, and Susan started laughing. Most of the guys around them started talking excitedly. The music was too loud to hear what they were saying, but it looked as if they were egging Susan on. Susan shook her head, causing her hair to swish around. She looked so sexy, standing there with her hair in her face, her tits standing high on her chest.

After some more talking, Richard suddenly sat up in his chair, and Susan sat down on his lap. She sat down close to his knees, but then readjusted herself and sat way up in his lap. She was laughing and talking with the other guys, until she suddenly stopped and gasped. The other guys broke into cheers loud enough I could hear, but instead of laughing she started smiling.

Even though her skirt was blocking my view, I could tell he was fucking her. He was fucking my wife with his monster cock right in front of me and a bunch of cheering guys. As I stared, Richard started groping Susan’s tits, kneading them and pulling on her nipples. Susan’s eyes were closed and I saw her moan, and then suddenly seemed to snap out of it. She playfully smacked his hands off her tits and slowly stood back up.

The guys started groaning, but Richard raised his arms up in triumph. Susan laughed it off and turned around to me. She saw me staring and walked up to me, her skirt bouncing and showing the guys her ass as she walked away.

“What just happened there?” I sputtered, trying to sound angry but just sounding confused.

“What? Oh, that? Oh, honey, it was nothing. Richard and some other guys were betting me that if I sat on Richard’s lap, he could stick his cock up my cooch without using his hands. So I just sat on his lap and he tried.”

“Did – did he?” I stammered out.

“Well, yeah, a little bit. I’m not wearing any panties, so he pushed his big thing through his fly and stuck it way up my cunt. He started pumping in and out, but it was only a couple of times. Don’t worry, honey, it was just a little bet. When it was clear he won, I got up.”

I just stared at her, and she continued, “It’s no big deal, honey. Don’t worry about it!” she flashed a big smile at me and walked off. I was stunned into speechlessness. My wife had just told me, right after I saw it, that she had just been fucked by another man, and she didn’t expect me to worry about it. Even worse, the way she said it, I almost believed that it really wasn’t a big deal.

A bit later Susan was dancing again with Margaret. By this point, most of the girls were down to their underwear, and a couple of them were topless. Margaret was only in her panties. All the guys were down to their boxers, and all of them were sporting huge erections. You couldn’t blame them, I guess, since they were surrounded by stripped down girls. But almost all the attention was on my half-naked wife, dancing joyously, bouncing her tits and flashing her ass and pussy.

I began to notice that some of the people in the party had already begun pairing off. The number of people in the main room was smaller than before, which probably meant that people were fucking in other rooms. Even in the living room, there was some making out going on in the corners. The party was on the verge of becoming an orgy.

My wife wasn’t helping anyone cool down, either. Her and Margaret were dancing seductively, swaying their hips and drawing all the guys’ attention. Their bare breasts, exposed to all the guys, dipped and swayed with each move they made.

Two of the guys, Tim and Mark, came back up and started dancing with them again. This time, there wasn’t any restraint at all. Both of them were grinding against the two girls while the girls talked and laughed. As I watched, I saw Tim move his hands underneath Susan’s skirt. Susan suddenly turned her face around with a look of surprise, but Tim whispered something in her ear, and she smiled, rolled her eyes and turned back to Margaret. Tim started massaging Susan’s tits while she bounced her ass against him.

Susan leaned over and whispered into Margaret’s ear. Margaret gasped, looked down at Susan’s skirt, and burst into a fit of giggles. I didn’t know what was going on, but then Margaret reached down and lifted up Susan’s skirt. Tim’s cock was stuffed in Susan’s pussy – he was fucking her while they were grinding. Susan and Margaret started laughing again, and Margaret then leaned back and whispered something into Mark’s ear as he grinded against her. Mark grinned and nodded, then reached down and pulled aside Margaret’s panties, exposing her pussy and light blonde bush. He slipped his dick into Margaret, who moaned and backed into him to push it in further. The two started fucking right there across from Susan and Tim.

It was obvious that a contest was on to see which of the guys could cum last. Susan and Margaret were furiously fucking the guys, and from my distance I could hear them taunt each other over the music. I just stared, numb, while my wife was fucked from behind.

After a couple of minutes, Tim stiffened and started pumping even faster. Suddenly he started cursing and mashing Susan’s breasts, and after a few more seconds he backed away from Susan. His cock was slick and wet and now limp after cumming inside my wife. Susan raised her arms in triumph, and she and Mark high-fived. Margaret groaned, but even though the contest was over she let Mark keep fucking her. Susan walked away, and to keep my mind off of her I stared at Margaret getting fucked. Eventually he stiffened and shot his load inside her. He pulled out and the cum started oozing into her panties. Margaret gave him a high-five and he put his dick back into his boxers and walked away.

I couldn’t believe it. I had never been raised to think of sex so casually, but my wife and her friends had just fucked each other as part of a contest. How could I have not known my wife had this much of a party attitude?

I felt like I had to throw up, so I walked quickly to the bathroom. I did some dry heaving, but managed to control myself and went back out to the room.

A crowd had gathered around Susan, chanting “Spanking! Spanking!” She was trying to get away, but they had closed in on her. Richard lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder while she playfully punched at him. He carried her over to a chair while the crowd followed.

Richard sat down and pulled Susan down over his lap. She pretended to struggle, but it was clear that she wasn’t really fighting him. Richard pulled her skirt up past her waist, showing her rounded ass to the crowd. He started spanking her while the crowd chanted the number. She squealed and bounced with every slap, making her hanging breasts jiggle even more. Some of the guys reached down and pinched her tits, making her squeal and jiggle even more.

When the crowd reached twenty-six, Richard gave her one last hard slap and let her go. She stood up, red-faced and embarrassed but giggling. The crowd cheered and some people shouted “happy birthday.” Susan curtsied, lifting her skirt up a bit, and then reached behind and unclipped it. She held it against her front for a second and moved it back and forth, teasing, and then threw it at Richard.

All the guys let out a huge cheer now that my wife was totally naked. Richard raised the skirt in triumph and started whipping it over my head, causing Susan to laugh and clap her hands. She looked so energetic and sexy, very taut and firm. She did a little spin and showed off her trimmed bush and beautiful breasts to the whole room, then walked off to grab another beer.

I knew it didn’t really matter at this point, since everyone had pretty much seen her naked by now and two guys had already fucked her, but seeing her entirely naked just made me all the more jealous. I was furious at myself for not being able to do anything about it.

A few minutes later she was back in the room and dancing and talking again. By this time I had lost my hard-on, and my head was starting to pound from all the drinking I had done. I felt sick and just wanted to go to bed.

I hung around the party for a few more minutes, in case anything else happened, but things seemed to be dying down. No one had left yet, but people looked like they were getting tired. I walked up to Susan and told her that I was getting a headache and was going to bed. She seemed a bit concerned but I told her not to worry and to have fun.

I lay in bed for the next couple of hours, listening to what was going on downstairs. I didn’t hear much, except for the occasional squeal and laugh. I thought maybe going upstairs would make me less nervous and jealous, but it was even worse now, since I was just imagining all the things my wife could be doing with those guys.

After what felt like forever, I heard cars leaving the driveway, and after another half hour Susan entered the room. She was still naked and went immediately to the bathroom and showered. After another twenty minutes she walked back into the room and laid on the bed. She could tell I was awake, so I didn’t bother pretending otherwise.

“Thank you so much for being such a good sport tonight, honey. I know you’re a bit of a prude, and I’m glad you didn’t get upset,” she said.

“Anything happen after I left?” I asked, not sure what I wanted to hear.

“Not really. We just had a good time.” She was quiet for a couple of minutes. Then she reached over and started stroking my dick through my boxers.

“Do you remember the bet that I had with some of the guys earlier? Well, a bunch of us were talking after you left and Richard was complaining that he won the bet but didn’t get anything out of it. He wanted to stick his cock in me again. I said no at first, but he kept bugging me, so after a while I gave up and let him.”

“You – you let him?” I asked.

“Well, he already did before, and he did win the bet, so I thought I’d let him fuck me for a little bit. So I sat back on his lap, and he stuck his cock way up my cooch. He fucked me for just a little bit and then squirted his stuff in me, and I got back up. It was just for a little bit, honey, and it was all in fun. You should have seen it, honey, it would have turned you on.”

“Was that all that happened?” I asked. She pulled my dick out of my boxers and started lightly pumping it.

“Well, some of the guys were watching, and they thought it wasn’t very fair that I only let Richard fuck me. So a couple other ones did, too.”

“How – how many other guys?”

“Well, not a lot of them. Some of them were just a bit horny and it was just playing around.”

She started pumping faster and harder. I was furious at her, but so horny that I didn’t want her to stop, so I kept quiet.

“Brian kept whining that he hadn’t had sex in such a long time, and after he saw Richard and me, he kept following me around and pinching my butt. I went into the kitchen and he kinda cornered me against the wall and begged me, and I was getting annoyed, so I told him to go ahead. So he stood me up against the kitchen wall and pushed his thing in me. It was only for a few minutes, and I made him pull out before he came.

“Then later on, I was leaning over on the bar counter in the living room talking to Mary, and Craig came up behind me. I wasn’t really paying attention, and he just kind of slipped his cock up my cunt.”

Her eyes started getting a dreamy look.

“Oh, sweetie, his cock was so big. It was even bigger than Richard’s cock. He was rubbing and squeezing my boobs and it felt so good. I didn’t want him to stop, so he kinda fucked me for a while. Then he shot his stuff way up in me. That’s when we stopped and went back to the party.

“Oh, and later Mark and I were joking about him trying to find a good ‘house’ for his dick, and that he was going ‘shopping’ around for one among the girls. He had fucked Margaret and Melissa earlier and he said I should have an ‘open house’ for him, too. So I let him stick his cock in me, just playing around. He didn’t even pump at all, it was just for a joke, so that doesn’t even count, right, hon?”

“I guess not,” I said, barely whispering.

“You shouldn’t have gone to bed so soon, honey,” she cooed. “I was putting on a great show for you. The guys all saw me naked and they all felt up my boobies and pinched my ass. You like watching that, don’t you, hon? Didn’t you like seeing them feel me up and fucking me and squirting their stuff in me?”

That was all I could take. I came, harder then I ever had before. I immediately regretted it, since it made it look like I really did enjoy watching her get casually fucked by a bunch of guys, when in fact I was really upset about it. But even after I came, I just got quiet again.

“I guess you do like it,” she purred. She turned over and pulled the sheets up. “Goodnight, honey.”

I lay there in bed for I don’t know how long, looking up at the ceiling and wondering what the hell it was that I had just seen.